Portrait of My Father Illuminated by Pounding Dry Ground

With a single 35mm slide projected into the night air, I call upon my father by pounding on the dry, summer ground.
Performance, 6 minutes
In a eucalyptus grove, Palo Alto CA

In Extremis

We packed our car and left on a trip to record small records of our interdependence in the western landscape. Two hours on the road, a car swerved towards us, sending our car into a spin in the middle of rush hour between 5 lanes of traffic. Our car spun around and around. I could see a semi-truck barreling towards us. But our little Civic had made its way off to the shoulder without ever striking another vehicle.

This performance was made in the sand dunes at Death Valley three days later.

Performance with Ingrid Rojas Contreras, 30 minutes
Death Valley, CA

Old Growth

I begin with a tree that is as tall as I can jump, 9.5 feet. Setting it on end, I attempt to climb it with the intention of balancing on top. I repeat the action until a certain exhaustion tells me that balance will be impossible. I roll the tree off camera and cut a few inches with a chainsaw. Then I repeat.

This work was first performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, as part of their 12×12 series. In the MCA version the cutting occurred by handsaw within the Museum. A projection in the gallery provided live feed to the rear garden. After cutting a piece off I would roll the tree down the museum steps and out to the garden. To get the tree back I would take the elevator.

Performance, 3 days
in Michigan and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Photographs: Kelly Anderson, Ingrid Rojas Contreras and Russell Lord

I Spend the Day Walking Through Clouds

I spend a cloudy day with a bag of flour slung to my back, throwing up my own clouds, in the open industrial neighborhood I live in.

Performance, 1 day
Chicago IL

Photographs: Greg Stimac


I make an attempt at a kind of levitation–raising my body off of the ground horizontally, with a minimum amount of supports. Each of these three videos documents an attempt in a different landscape: with 8 supports in a park, with 7 supports on Michigan Avenue, and with 4 supports in the studio.

Performance, 10-28 minutes
Chicago IL