• "Dreamburn", Custom mirroring pool, paper body replica, wire, 10 min performance, pool size 25'x14'x4', 2012

In late 2011, Amir Mortazavi of Highlight Gallery and David Kasprzak invited me and eight other artists to create installations in a “fisherman’s cottage”–a single family dwelling built in 1876 in San Francisco’s Marina district–at 3020 Laguna Street. We were instructed to use only materials found in the building, told that the work would be destroyed with the building a month later, and given a key.For my installation Dreamburn I flooded the drive-in garage with a mirrored pool. Beams passing through the roll-up door supported the weighty body of water. I constructed a paper replica of my body (made by laying the paper directly on my skin, adhering it together, cutting it open and resealing each seam). In a performance, I suspended the body above the water, laid in the water under the body double, and set it on fire.

With the support of an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts in New York, Dreamburn was captured on 16mm film.

Performance, 10 minutes, and installation
Highlight Gallery Projects, San Francisco CA
Video: Rory Fraser and Christian Gainsley
Sound: Ryan Malloy
Photographs: Andy Vogt and Elisabeth Kohnke
Body construction assistance by Ingrid Rojas Contreras