Screening: Limited Access, Tehran IRAN

telluric, telluric, telluric

I’m pleased to be showing a selection of videos during LIMITED ACCESS 6 in Tehran. The program is co-curated by Sanaz Mazinani and Marc Mayer and also features works by Surabhi Saraf, Boo Chapple, and GIRL (Chitra Ganesh and Simone Leigh). Our program runs Saturday, February 27 and Wednesday, March 3 between 1 and 6 pm. From the press release:

What are the physical and psychological limitations of the body? From daily, domestic routines to the pressures of conforming to societal norms, the artists in this program consider the resiliency of the human body by challenging and abstracting its depiction and form. Saraf explores the representations of the feminine form in Fold. Focusing on the everyday motions of folding laundry, she shows us the beauty and the choreography of the body within a domestic space. In Breaking Bread and Green Washing, Chapple comments on the gluttony and overuse of the resources that surround us and how the body functions as the nexus point for our consumption. Barber endeavors to break down the body/mind divide through endurance performances that force a metaphysical consideration on the body and its boundaries. Finally, GIRL’s (Chitra Ganesh and Simone Leigh) haunting video My dreams, my works must wait till after hell… questions the classical art-historical presentation of the nude by featuring the black body and denying the visibility of the subject’s physical attributes. Instead the aural and psychological experience is amplified through the physical power of the breath.

More information can be found here.