Old Growth

I begin with a tree that is as tall as I can jump, 9.5 feet. Setting it on end, I attempt to climb it with the intention of balancing on top. I repeat the action until a certain exhaustion tells me that balance will be impossible. I roll the tree off camera and cut a few inches with a chainsaw. Then I repeat.

This work was first performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, as part of their 12×12 series. In the MCA version the cutting occurred by handsaw within the Museum. A projection in the gallery provided live feed to the rear garden. After cutting a piece off I would roll the tree down the museum steps and out to the garden. To get the tree back I would take the elevator.

Performance, 3 days
in Michigan and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Photographs: Kelly Anderson, Ingrid Rojas Contreras and Russell Lord