Event: “From Our Bodies Blinking” @ Root Division


August 11, 7-10pm
With an exhibition that continues through August 15
at Root Division Gallery
3175 17th St San Francisco CA

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For this exhibition, I have flooded a small room and constructed a viewing platform at the opposite end. The room is cloaked in black and lit by a single spotlight. In my performance, The Crossing, I submerge myself in the water up to my neck, and then attempt to bring my head below the water, creating a mirror image of my head that floats surreally in the space. I am trapped between water and air.


I attempt to submerge my entire head

Installation image


“From Our Bodies Blinking” includes live performances by Mel Day with Miriam Dym, and Nicole McClure with Smith Coy Smith. The exhibition includes video and installation by Kate Gilmore, Noah Krell, Michael Namkung, and Renee Rhodes.