Event: Rapid Pulse Performance Festival


Above: Jefferson Pinder on Friday’s performance series.

June 6, 2013
Corporeal Discomforts
Nightingale Theater
1084 N Milwaukee
Chicago, IL

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As part of the 2nd annual Rapid Pulse International Performance Festival, I will be exhibiting the video DreamburnThe video appears in an exciting series of performance made for the camera, curated by Julie Laffin, Joseph Ravens, Steven L. Bridges and Giana Gambino, and includes videos by Bradley TsalyukVerónica Peña, and Suka Off.

The festival has a roving quality that allows the audience to wander from site to site, catching part or the whole of the many amazing performances and videos. It’s an exciting development for Chicago–a truly radical and committed collection of artists gathering for the ten days of the festival.