Review: “The Marvelous Real”

We’ve received some great coverage for Ingrid Rojas Contreras and my 2-person exhibition, “Lo Real Maravilloso / The Marvelous Real”:

The Intimate Dynamics of a Two-Person, One-Couple Show
by Thea Quiray Tagle
February 24, 2015
“It is this element of intense intimacy […] that is the most mysterious, and the most marvelous, to bear witness to.”
(Im)materiel and The Marvelous Real
by Lea Feinstein
February 17, 2015
“Their endeavors memorably evoke worlds we cannot see…”
Real, Marvelous and Very Personal
by Jonathan Curiel
January 29, 2015
“Rojas and Barber place one foot in the past and one foot in the absolute present.”