Blog: Stick and Rock Steadicam

Just before I left my home in San Francisco to embark on a month-long artist residency at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, I decided I would need a steadicam to shoot a project. As is my custom before purchasing equipment of any kind these days, I started on Instructables and after a number of hours stumbled into this wormhole. WSCLATER is making some rad camera balancing mechanisms (just look at the wind rudder!). Some are calling these amazing projects over-produced, which I suppose is the same ethos that made me think I could make a camera stabiliser from the fruit of nature’s bounty. And so my first order of business in the Santa Cruz mountains was to find some well curved sticks.

I present the Stick and Rock Steadicam (with apologies to WSCLATER):

Djerassi phase two, the Stick and Rock Steadicam. #djerassiair #steadicam #meansofproduction

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I was also working on some underwater microphones for another project:

Djerassi phase one complete. Hydrophones built and tested in the studio. #djerassiair

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Of course I didn’t get around to recording with my tinkerings. Need another residency to do that.